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SPECS is hiring a booking assistant

SPECS is hiring a booking assistant. 

Located in the heart of St-Laurent boulevard for almost 30 years, the agency operates primarily in the fashion and beauty industry, as well as all related industries. With an open office space, where you will be in close proximity to the team, this full-time position means working in a fast-paced, dynamic and creative environment in constant evolution.

The ideal candidate must:

  • Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills in both French and English.
  • Are hyper-organized, autonomous and have an excellent ability to prioritize
  • Be resourceful and troubleshoot rapidly.
  • Work well in a team, and have strong interpersonal skills.
  • Have an excellent work ethic & a high level of professionalism and must also be able to build strong business relationships.
  • Be discreet and trustworthy.
  • Have a genuine interest in the fashion, beauty and modelling industries.
  • Have work experience in sales and customer service. Marketing and/or PR experience is definitely an asset.
  • Know Microsoft Office Suite and be familiar with Photoshop and WordPress.
  • Be comfortable around dogs (there is an agency mascot!).

Tasks related to this position include:

  • Administrative tasks such as: answering the phone, taking messages, creating and copying documents.
  • Opening files, sending and receiving legal documents for internal clients (models).
  • Receiving and filing new images, updating models’ portfolios on the internal server, the website and other agency platforms. 
  • Communicating and/or requesting important information from internal and external clients (castings, jobs, shoots, availability, rates, etc.).
  • Assisting the team and the president, when needed. 
  • Attending and representing the agency at various industry events.

To apply for this position, please send your CV and cover letter to

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Être mannequin au Québec

What is the reality of the models in Quebec? Should we go abroad to succeed? Can you live the modeling career in Quebec? We interviewed staff and models, here are the answers to these questions.

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Présidente et fondatrice de Specs – la première agence de mannequins à avoir signé la Charte québécoise pour une image corporelle saine et diversifiée –, Marie Josée Trempe a 35 ans d’expérience dans la mode. La Presse l’a jointe pour une discussion musclée.

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Après avoir passé 25 ans à travailler sur « le contenant », Marie-Josée Trempe, directrice de l’agence de mannequins Specs, avait envie de travailler sur « le contenu ». Elle inaugure donc « Je vêts bien », une nouvelle série de conférences qui analyse notre rapport aux vêtements.

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Taches de rousseur

Longtemps boudées, les taches de rousseur font fureur depuis quelques années. Mannequins et célébrités affichent sans complexe leur teint rousselé, synonyme de santé et de fraîcheur. Si bien que certaines vont même jusqu’à se créer des taches de toutes pièces…

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